Tuesday-Wednesday October 27-28

TWO SNOW DAYS. The OU Provost has canceled all classes, both on-campus and online, on Tuesday AND on Wednesday. For this class, what that means is that there is no required Tuesday reading or Wednesday reading. I have given everyone credit for those assignments in Canvas.
  • If you had done the Week 10 Tuesday or Wednesday reading already, I marked that for you as extra credit.
  • If you want to do the Week 10 reading, A and B, you can certainly do that. Do the reading and take your notes like usual, and then mark it as extra credit, either for Week 10 and/or for Week 11 extra credit reading.
I hope things will resume as normal on Thursday. Meanwhile, I'll be at work as usual on Wednesday, so contact me with any questions you have. Stay safe and warm! If your power is out, I hope it will be back soon...