Friday, September 21

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today is Friday of Week 5... which means the semester is already one-third over! Here is a link for finishing up the Week 5 assignments and, for those of you working ahead, here is Week 6 (both the comments and feedback assignments for Week 6 are open and ready to go now!).

Class Procedures and Reminders

Your blog introduction. As you've seen, you are going to keep getting comments on your blog Introduction all semester long, so if you want to add something to it (like a video, images, etc.), you can certainly do that! If you create memes for extra credit, for example, you can share them in your Introduction post too, which means they will reach new readers all semester long.

Project Stack. If you turned in something on Sunday, you should have comments back from me now. I'll get through as much of the stack as I can today, and you can check the stack to make sure I received your email. If there is anything left in the stack at the end of the day today, it will be at the top of the stack for Monday!

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Blog Stream. When I saw this Wikipedia Trail from Crystel, I knew I had to share it here because it begins with one of my favorite actresses: From Cicely Tyson to Elvis Presley.

Featured Storybook. I know there are some fans of horror fiction out there, so here's a Storybook for you: What Lurks in the Shadows of India. Meet Frederik, a monster-hunter who has faced India's most dangerous creatures and somehow lived to tell the tales.

India Video. Here's a lovely Maati Baani video, a collaboration between musicians from India and from Pakistan: Rang Rangiya. Turn on CC for the closed captions in English. I wanted to share this one for International Peace Day (see below).

Myth Video. And here's another Crash Course video: Fire and Buffalo Goddesses.

Myth Item. Another word from mythology: HYPNOTIC from the Greek god of Sleep, Hypnos.

Writing. If you want to start writing, just... start writing.

Meanwhile, beware of the caffeine causality loop.

Growth Mindset Cats. This kitten is ready to keep trying when soemthing isn't working.

And here's a fun growth mindset animation from Sprouts at YouTube.

Event on Campus. Come celebrate the 40th anniversary of Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” at 6PM in the Brackett Theatre (details).

Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

September 21: International Day of Peace. Today is a United Nations holiday in celebration of world peace; you can find out more at Wikipedia and at the Peace Day website. Let there be peace on earth!

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