OU-Texas Weekend Edition

Welcome to the end of Week 8 and a special edition of the announcements for OU-Texas Weekend. I am wishing safe travels for all of you who might be on the road this weekend!

The regular announcements will return on Tuesday, and here's some information you need to know about this holiday weekend:

Week 8: Monday extension. From past experience, I know a lot of people are scrambling on Monday to finish up some Week 8 end-of-week assignments. So, I've extended the usual grace period from noon until midnight on Monday, specifically until 11:59PM on Monday (that's how Canvas does "midnight"). I hope that extra grace period will be helpful if you are trying to finish up Week 8 and need to do that on Monday afternoon or evening.

Here is a link to the Week 8 assignments, and here's a link to the Week 9 assignments for those of you who are ready to get started.

My schedule. Friday is a holiday (yay!), although I'll be at my desk most of the day trying to catch up on what was a very hectic week for me. Over the weekend I'll be traveling, with only intermittent email access. That means I may be slow to respond to emails, but I'll be sure to get back to you about any questions or problems when I manage to get some time online.

If you're wanting to review this week's announcements, use this link: Week 8 announcements. And in the spirit of OU-Texas, I want to recommend two Storybooks for your reading pleasure:

Caitlin's Norman Mythology

Finally, for your viewing pleasure when this page loads in Canvas, here are some random videos. :-)