Sunday, February 16

Today is Sunday of Week 5, so that means it's time to finish up Week 5. Some of you will be starting on Week 6 today too: have fun with the new reading!

Class Procedures and Reminders

Project Stack. I'll look for incoming projects periodically today, so you can check the stack to make sure I received your form. The sooner you get your project turned in, the sooner you'll get comments back.

Extra credit. As always, I recommend the extra credit options, especially the Tech Tips (there are tips for Blogger, Canvas, all kinds of things). You can use extra credit to make up for any missing assignments and you can also bank some extra points for when things get busy later on. You can also finish up the class early that way if you want!

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Blog Stream. Here's something fun at Hannah H.'s blog: she added a graduation countdown widget (it's one of the Tech Tips). You can see it by popping open the sidebar of her blog using the hamburger menu and there it is!

Twitter Stream. From the #FeministFolktales hashtag, here's a story from Japan: Li Ji and the Serpent.

Indian Epics Today. Ganesha is back again as the character of the day, and that's because he has a connection to the Mahabharata: he is the scribe who wrote it all down while Vyasa dictated. More about Ganesha. Here's an Epified video about Ganesha's birth:

Storybooks. And here's a Ganesha Storybook: Ganesha Loves His Food.

100-Word Stories. Today's 100-word story is about Ganesha too: Ganesha and the Moon (click title for more info).

Words. We have quite a few words in English that come from India, and one of them is BANGLE, from the Hindi word bangri, meaning "glass bracelet." 

Myth-Folklore Video. For fans of Crash Course, here's another video for your viewing pleasure: Freud, Jung, Luke Skywalker, and the Psychology of Myth.

Writing. And here's a Star-Wars-inspired writing style: Yodify Your Language.

Mindset Cats. Today's mindset cat is a mindset kitten: Kittens don't worry about making mistakes.

Mindset Video. Here are some thoughts from the perspective of evolutionary biology: mental 'deficits' are hidden strengths.

Event on Campus. There will be a matinee performance of Blood Wedding this afternoon at 3PM today in Weitzenhoffer Theatre (details).

February 16:  Pamela Colman Smith. Today is the birthday of the amazing Pamela Colman Smith, artist and writer, who was born in 1878. She is most famous today for drawing the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck, and she also published and illustrated a book of Anansi stories that she collected when she lived in Jamaica. You can read more about her life and work at Wikipedia.

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