Thursday, October 30 - Sunday, November 2

My schedule this week. On Thursday and Friday this week I am out of town, with limited email access at best (see previous announcements for details). I've replied to any emails people had sent me on Wednesday with general questions, and I've also replied to all the Storybooks that were turned in before Wednesday. You can still turn in a Week 9 Storybook assignment late for partial credit, but I won't be able to get comments back to you about those assignments until Monday when I'll be back in the office again. If you have questions about anything that comes up, definitely send me an email - and if I am not able to reply to you right away, I'll get back to you on Monday for sure.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Halloween is this Friday, of course, and I thought it would be appropriate to make a list of all the great "scary" Storybooks that people are doing this semester in case you wanted to find some good stories to read for Halloween. So, here are some of the ghostly and scary Storybooks that people are writing this semester - you will find all kinds of wonderful stories to read for the Halloween holiday!
  • The Willowbranch Poisonings: Annie has actually finished her Storybook, so you can read about an chain of poisonings... with a special Halloween conclusion!
  • Ghost Stories of Japan: Amanda has also finished her Storybook, which has four amazing Japanese ghost legends! Watch out for these dangerous dead ladies!
  • Ghost Stories: A Skeptic Finding Truth: Are you brave enough to follow in the footsteps of ghosts all over the world! Mike's truth-seeking storyteller has no such fear!
  • Scary Elevator Tales: Ready to be trapped in an elevator? On Friday the 13th? Welcome to Heather's scary Storybook!
  • We Still Walk This Earth: In Shannon's Storybook, these ghosts walk among us in the Toys-R-Us store, and in your dormitory hallway. Watch out!
  • Urban Legends Beyond the Grave: These are urban legends you have probably heard before... but Kyle has added a scary twist to each one, just to raise the fear factor!
  • OKC Times Horror Stories: Don't think it could happen here? Think again! UCO student found slain - Bethany teens escape danger - read all about it in Zach's Storybook.
  • Ghosts Beneath the Grave: Ghosts are haunting the town of St. Hallo, and your trusty reporter M. Larigot will tell you all about it in Rachel's Storybook.
  • The Legend of the Kelpie: This is not a scary Storybook, but Kristen added a great scary story added especially for Halloween!
Waiting for the Great Pumpkin...