Fall 2009: Storybook Ballot

Here are the results of the nominations - and thanks to all of you who shared your input! As you can imagine, with so many great Storybooks to choose from, the nominations were all over the place. I sorted out the most frequently nominated Storybooks to place on this ballot, and you can cast your vote for the Storybooks in your class at Desire2Learn (look in Week 14) between now and Thursday, December 3, at 5PM. I'll announce the results in the Friday announcements!

Meanwhile, I hope you might even want to take a few minutes to look at some of the top-nominated Storybooks in the other classes too. It's so exciting to see the wonderful new projects people come up with each and every semester! :-)


Best Overall Storybook
Cassie - Fairy Tales in the City
Stephen - Mysterious Rock Star Deaths

Best Written Storybook
Dori - Oklahoma Ghost Stories
Kathleen - Heroes of the United Kingdom

Most Creative Storytelling Style
PJ - Italian Fairy Tale Gossip
Shannon - Fairy Tale Villains Today

Best Storybook Design Overall
Kelcey - Looking Back to Wonderland
Kerry - Cailleach: Scottish Goddess

Best Storybook Topic
Steven - Medal of Honor: WWII Heroes
Wes - One Man's Misery: Dating Disasters

Indian Epics

Best Overall Storybook
Jeff - Secret Journal of Thomas Hobbes
Lynette - Age of Innocence: Mother's Stories

Best Written Storybook
Bruce - Vishnu and His Avatars
Nate - Loyal Retainers: Campfire Tales

Most Creative Storytelling Style
Jesus - Hanuman and Detective Avila
Lindsay - Love is in the Hair

Best Storybook Design Overall
Megan Hose - Ganges Gazette: Birth Stories
Sarah Wiley - Ravana's Secrets

World Literature

Best Overall Storybook
Crystal - Modern-Day Saints
Heather - Celtic Chronicles: Inside Ireland

Best Written Storybook
Ashley - Boundless Love: Cupid & Psyche
Hjorny - Mother Goose: Behind Closed Doors

Most Creative Storytelling Style
Anna - Brothers Grimm for a Modern Age
Sarah - Dragons in Gypsy Tales