Wednesday, April 8

Today is Wednesday of WEEK 11 of the class. If you have not turned in your Week 10 Storybook assignment yet, you may still do that for partial credit. Wednesday morning, until noon, is the grace period if you forgot to do any of the assignments that were due on Tuesday.

Finishing your Storybook early. For those of you who have been working ahead on your Storybooks, I wanted to let you know that in addition to the Week 13 assignment, I have made the Week 14 and Week 15 Storybook assignment instructions available now, too. Also, if you want, you can choose to conclude your Storybook with just three stories, not four - skipping the Week 12 and Week 13 assignments and moving straight on from Week 11 directly to the Week 14 and Week 15 assignments (but if you do that, make sure you really are done with the Storybook; after you do the Week 14 assignment, you can't go back and add a new story afterwards).

Storybook Stack. There are still some Storybook assignments in the stack and I am making my way through them in the order that they were turned in. If you turned something in before 9PM on Sunday, you should have comments back from me already. If you turned something in later on Sunday, or on Monday or Tuesday, it is probably still in the stack. If you want to check and make sure your assignment is in the stack, you can see the contents of the stack here.

My Wednesday schedule. I have some out-of-office appointments today which means I may be a bit more slow to respond to your emails today than on the other days of the week - but if you send me an email during the day today, I'll get back to you by the end of the day.

April 8: International Day of the Roma. Today, April 8, is an international holiday in honor of the traditions of the Roma people, who you may know by the name "Gypsy." You can read more about the Romani people in this Wikipedia article, and the Sacred Texts Archive has a section devoted to Roma folktales and traditions. If you have a free moment today, read a folktale in honor of the Roma! Here is an old photo of a Roma woman and her daughter in Yorkshire, England in 1916: