Thursday, August 27

Today is Thursday of WEEK 1 of class. Thursday morning, until noon, is the grace period if you forgot to do any of the assignments that were due on Wednesday.

Ning FAQs and Tips. I want to call your attention to the list of Ning FAQs and Tips which you will find in the left-hand column of the Ning's main page. You will find information there about managing your Ning blog and also about your profile page. If there is something you want to find out which is not answered there already, please let me know and I'll add to the list of tips!

3 classes = 1 Ning. As you have noticed, all three of the online courses I teach are combined into one Ning. There are a couple reasons why I did that. One reason is very practical: I am paying out of my pocket to have the Ning be ad-free, so I preferred to pay just once, instead of having to pay for three Nings. Meanwhile, if you want to see just who is in your specific class, go to your class website, and then click on the Storybook Projects link you see there on the main page - that will take you to a page listing all the people in your class, with links to their blogs (and eventually you will find links to their Storybooks there, too).

First Storybooks for the semester! With people working a few weeks ahead already, that means there are now two Storybooks already taking shape for the semester. Congratulations to Kerry and Kaylee for doing such a great job with that! Here are their Storybook coverpages if you want to take a look:
So, those are the first two Storybooks - and in the next few weeks, there will be many more Storybooks to come! You'll be publishing your own Storybook coverpages in Week 4 - or even sooner, if you choose to work ahead.

August 27: Sri Chinmoy. Today, August 27, marks the birthday in 1931 of the Indian guru and mystic Sri Chinmoy, who passed away in 2007. Sri Chinmoy preached religious tolerance and world peace, and is probably best known for his emphasis on sports and spirituality, as in his World Harmony Run. You can read more about Sri Chinmoy at this Wikipedia article; the image below is from the World Harmony Run website. (If you search for "World Harmony Run" at YouTube, you will find all kinds of videos - including a video from the Navajo Nation in Arizona).