April 6 2012: Student Writing Panel


I am pleased to announce that on Friday, April 6, OU's Center for Learning, Teaching and Writing will be sponsoring an all-day colloquium on faculty and student writing. The colloquium will take place in the OU Writing Center, Room 280 Wagner Hall (map); here is the full schedule.

In the final session of the day, 2:15pm - 3pm, there will be a panel of student writers, including three students from MLLL-3043 Mythology and Folklore and MLLL-4993 Ancient Indian Epics. These students will provide a guided tour of their online Storybook projects so that you can learn more about:
  • creative writing assignments
  • semester-long writing projects
  • using GoogleSites to publish websites
  • using Ning to share feedback online
Here is some more information about the students with links to their projects online:

Bailey Carter - Hotel California
Bailey is a senior majoring in Film and Media Studies.

Kira Godinet - Rate My Rishi
Kira is a senior majoring in International and Area Studies.

Chelsey Kraft - Desperate Goddesses
Chelsey is a junior majoring in Journalism.

~ ~ ~
If you are curious to learn more about the Storybook projects, you can find lots of information here:
If you have questions or comments and want to get in touch with Laura Gibbs, the instructor for these classes, you can use email (laura-gibbs@ou.edu) or - even better - use Google+ to connect with Laura and lots of other educators online: http://plus.ly/lauragibbs.