Thursday, September 22

Today is Thursday of WEEK 5 of the class. If you have not turned in your Week 4 Storybook assignment yet, you have until noon today to turn that in for partial credit. For those of you in Myth-Folklore, Thursday morning, until noon, is the grace period if you forgot to do any of the assignments that were due on Wednesday.

GoogleSites Tips. For the Week 5 Storybook assignment, you will be publishing your Introduction at your Storybook website. Here are some tips you might want to look at as you continue to work on the layout and design of your site: image size and placement - design templates - site navigation - site title and page titles. Also, please review the information on adding a new page - ESPECIALLY the part in bold red about making your new page a "top level" page; if you don't do that, you'll end up with a subpage which might give you all kinds of grief in the future!

Internet assignment - Ning Comment Wall. If you did not read the previous announcement about the Week 5 Internet assignment and the Ning Comment Walls, make sure you take a look at those announcements now - and you can even get extra credit for making your Comment Wall ready for visitors, both by making some more room on your Ning page, and also by adding a YouTube video to your page if you want, just for fun!

Storybook Stack. I'm still working my way through the very large stack of Storybook assignments that people have turned in. If you turned in an assignment on Sunday, you should have comments back from me now. If you turned something in on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, it is probably still in the stack, waiting for me to get to it - you can check to make sure I have your assignment by looking at the contents of the stack here. I will do my best to respond to everything in stack before the weekend, but this week is the busiest of the whole semester for me (the Introduction is the hardest part of the Storybook to write), which can mean I might end up doing schoolwork on Saturday - we'll see how it works out this semester! If you turned something in on time, I promise to get it back before the weekend; I might not get to the assignments turned in late until Saturday.

Thursday Events on Campus. Normally I list an event on campus but there is literally no event to list for Thursday, because not enough departments and groups are using the Calendar... which is really a shame: you know on a campus like OU there must be something happening on Thursday! So, if you are a member of a student group of any kind, make sure you use the Calendar to publicize events and tell people you know in other groups to do that, too. You can use this Calendar Event form to get an event listed - it's easy, and it's such a good way to share the news about what's going on anywhere on campus.

September 22: Billie Piper. Today marks the birthday of Billie Piper, a British actress and musician best known for her role as "Rose," traveling companion of the Doctor in the Doctor Who series. Yes, I am a Doctor Who fan (okay... fanatic) and I have been watching the Doctor since before most of you were born, I imagine - in fact, Doctor Who dates back to before I was born: the first Doctor Who episode aired on November 23, 1963. So, happy birthday to Billie Piper! Here's a picture of her with my favorite Doctor, Christopher Eccleston: