First and foremost, THANK YOU for all the good work that you did in the class, especially on the Storybooks. Every semester I am amazed by the variety and excellence of the Storybooks that people create, and that was very true this semester! I had such a good time watching them evolve and reading all the stories. I even learned many new stories that I had never heard before, which is why I will never get bored teaching these classes: I get to learn new things all the time! So, thank you all for all the good work you did!

Grades: After the noon deadline on Friday, I will record the final grades in the Desire2Learn Gradebook, and those will be the final grades that I submit via Ozone. You will be contacted by the Admissions and Records office when the Ozone grades can be viewed; meanwhile, the grade you see in Desire2Learn is what I will be submitting.

Ning: Please take a last look at your comment wall at the Ning and at your blog to see if you got some comments in the last days of class. There might have been some people who left comments on your Storybook as late as this Friday morning for the Week 15 Internet assignment! If you want to save any of the stories you wrote at the Ning, please make sure you do that; on August 1, I will need to clear out the Ning to make room for the new students (the Ning has a maximum number of users I can include).

Announcements: After noon on Friday, I will clear out the Announcements email list so you will not get announcements when classes start up again in the Fall. So, if you are going to be in one of these classes in the Fall, you'll need to sign up for that email list again.

I think that's it, but if you have any questions I have not answered here, let me know. Congratulations to all the graduating seniors - and I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!!!

MAY 4: It's Star Wars Day of course: