Friday, August 31 - Monday, September 3

HAPPY HOLIDAY WEEKEND! You have reached the end of Week 2. The Week 2 Read and Respond assignment (blog commenting) is available now, and the remaining Week 2 assignments are due now also, on Friday - or over the weekend if you prefer, on Saturday or Sunday (with the usual Monday morning grace period).

LABOR DAY. Because Monday is a holiday, there will be no new announcements on Monday. The next announcements will be on Tuesday, September 4. Because you do not have any assignments due on Monday, there is no change in the class schedule for this holiday. If you are planning to take off for the three-day weekend, make sure you finish all the Week 2 assignments today, Friday! If you choose not to finish those assignments on Friday, you can finish them over the weekend, on Saturday or Sunday; the grace period on Monday still applies as usual.

Week 2 Read and Respond (blog comment) assignment. The Week 2 blog commenting assignment is available now! Make sure you check your groups; most of you are in the same group as last time, but I have made a few changes based on add/drops. You can complete that assignment today, Friday, or on Saturday or Sunday if you prefer; the usual Monday morning grace period applies. There is also an extra credit responding assignment; you will see the information about that included in the instructions for the required responding.

Storybook assignments. There are still a few Storybook assignments in the Stack, and if you turn in a Storybook before 8AM on Friday, I'll be sure to get comments back to you before the weekend. If you turn in an assignment after noon Friday or over the holiday weekend, I'll be updating the list again on TUESDAY, after the Monday holiday. Please do NOT go on to the next Storybook assignment until you get comments back from me about the assignment you have turned in. I reply to the Storybooks in the order they are turned in, so the sooner you turn in your assignment, the sooner you will get back comments and be able to move on to the next Storybook assignment!

Websites and Tech Tips
. If you turned in a Week 2 or Week 3 Internet assignment this week (your practice website) or a Tech Tip email, I'll reply to that on Friday. I've still got quite a few of these to read and reply to, but I'll be sure to get back to you before the weekend if you get that turned in by Friday at 8AM.

Refund reminder: Friday is the last day for a refund. For those of you who are still deciding whether or not you want to stay in the class, Friday, August 31, is when you need to make that decision. You can still drop on Friday and get a full refund. After Friday, you can still drop the class with an automatic W on your transcript, but the university will be keeping your money.

Friday Events on Campus. There will be FREE LASER TAG in the Union Ballroom from 7PM-9PM (time/location/details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

Saturday, September 1: Edgar Rice Burroughs. September 1 marks the birthday in 1875 of the American author Edgar Rice Burroughs, who is best known for having invented the story of Tarzan. You can read more about Burroughs's life and career in this Wikipedia article, and you can read many of his books online as they are in the public domain. Here is an inventory of Burroughs books online, including the Tarzan books - over 20 of them! There are even Tarzan audiobooks available for free download from LibriVox. So, get in touch with your inner ape and spend some time today with Tarzan if you are so inclined! The following image is for the LibriVox edition of Tarzan of the Apes: