Resource: 10 Tips for Tightening Your Writing

Although this is written as a list of tips for journalists, the same advice applies to all kinds of writing!

10 Tips for Tightening Your Writing by Gregg McLachlan at NewsCollege

Here are the ten tips in a list, and check out the full article to get some details for each one, and you will also find a list of other good tips in the sidebar of the webpage, too.

1. Beware the back-ins
2. Count your sentence lengths
3. Simplify
4. Read your story out loud
5. Axe the add-ons
6. Avoid quote-itis
7. Condense, condense, condense
8. Get rid of attribution-itis
9. Beware 'and'
10. Ask yourself key questions

As you can guess from the instructions for the assignments in this class, "read your story out loud" is my #1 favorite here!