Resource: Freely Licensed Images at Google Images

In addition to the Creative-Commons-licensed images at Flickr, you can also use Google Image Advanced Search to find public domain and other images which are not restricted by standard copyright.

To access these advanced search features at Google Images, go to the Google Images Advanced Search page. I would definitely recommend you bookmark that link for future reference! You can enter your search terms, and then narrow your results with the usage rights filter set to "free to use or share."

So, for example, here is a search for the Pantheon limited to images that are free to use or share. Many of these images will be at Flickr, but there will also be other sites included as well.

When you find an image, click on the thumbnail and then choose "Visit Page." That will take you to the webpage where the image can be found, and where you will also be able to find the image information you need. Here is the image I chose:

Interior of the Pantheon by Giovanni Paolo Panini,

circa 1734. Web source: Wikipedia.

As another example, here is a search for freely licensed images of the goddess Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom. You can see the image I chose below:

Saraswati with Narada and Tumburu (circa 1820).

Web source: Wikipedia.