Resource: Metropolitan Museum of Art

For many years, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) has been generously making images of its artworks available online. You can use their Search Page to search their collections, and you can limit your search to those records with images available. For example, there are 281 Hercules images:

When you choose an image, like this medieval ivory carving of Hercules and Geryon, it gives you detailed information about the image:

The Met does a great job of explaining just who is allowed to use these images, and your use of the images on a personal website is fully approved, provided that you do not alter the image and that you include a caption and a link to the museum website.
May I put images or text from the Websites on my personal site?Yes, except for those under copyright including those represented by ARS, but only if your site takes in no advertisements or sponsors, does not charge a fee for services, and does not offer any product or service for sale. The images must remain unaltered. All of the accompanying caption information must be included without alteration, and the citation should include the URL
So, for example, here is that image of Hercules and Geryon:

Game Piece with Hercules Slaying the Three-Headed Geryon. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art,

And here is another beautiful image:

Krishna Subduing Kaliya, the Snake Demon: Folio from a Bhagavata Purana Series. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art,

So, if you are researching artwork to use for a blog post or webpage in this class, search the Metropolitan and see what you can find. It is a fabulous resource!