Resource: Top Ten Tips for Writing Research Papers

Although you will not be writing a research paper for this class, you might be writing research papers in your other classes, so I wanted to share this nice list of tips:

Top Ten Tips for Writing Research Papers by Elizabeth Mack (Metro Community College Writing Center in Omaha)

Make sure you read the actual blog post to get details for each item on the list:

1. Don't apologize for your opinions.
2. Don't use inflated phrases.
3. Attribute ideas to sources.
4. Use signposting.
5. Don't just stick in quotes.
6. Take citation style seriously.
7. Organization and focus are important.
8. You need a conclusion.
9. Follow assignment guidelines.
10. Proofread carefully.

And here is some good all-around writing advice from Elmore Leonard; this applies to research writing just as much as to novel writing I think:

"If it sounds like writing,
I rewrite it."