Friday, Sept. 7 - Sunday, Sept. 9

HAPPY WEEKEND! This is the end of Week 3. The Week 3 Read and Respond assignment (blog commenting) is available now, and the remaining Week 3 assignments are due on Friday or, if you prefer, on Saturday or Sunday - please make sure you get started on those assignments soon. Also, if you have not kept up with the announcements during the week, please take a minute to look at the announcements you missed; here are all the announcements for the past week.

Week 3 Responding. For the Responding assignment, you should be looking for the Week 3 essay and story - which means you may need to scroll down, because some people are working ahead. So, if you do not find somebody's Week 3 blog posts at the top of their blog, just scroll on down until you find what you are looking for. For information about what to do if someone does not have the posts you are looking for, see the instructions at the assignment. Plus, there is an extra credit responding option this week, too! You'll find that information at the bottom of the regular assignment.

Storybook Stack. On Friday, I hope to be able to finish reading and responding to every Storybook assignment in the stack turned in before Friday at 8AM (contents of the stack), and I'll also be getting back to people about their practice websites. I don't do any grading over the weekend, which means that if you turn something in after 8AM on Friday, it will go into the stack. If you want comments back next week sooner rather than later, don't wait until Sunday night to turn in your assignment! The earlier you turn in the assignment (on Saturday, say, or Sunday afternoon), the sooner you will get comments back.

Friday Events on Campus. FREE screenings of Men in Black III in Meacham Auditorium at 6PM, 9PM and midnight! (time/location/details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

Saturday, September 8: Star Trek begins. Yes, September 8 is a great day in the history of television - it marks the broadcast of the first episode of the original Star Trek series in 1966 (yes, 46 years ago!); the original series then ran for three seasons until June 3, 1969. My devotion to Star Trek began in 1972, when the show was in reruns and I was able to watch every afternoon when I came home from school (I was in third grade). I have never lost my love of that show and I can shamelessly confess to owning the complete original series on DVD. For those of you with Netflix instant streaming, you can watch the original series there.