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Everybody struggles with procrastination! The word is from the Latin cras, which means "tomorrow" - and of course tomorrow never comes. It is always today already, and there is always . . . tomorrow. I'm not sure I really have any good advice for coping with procrastination, but I figure humor is always a good way to get started. It's better than despair! So below you will find some procrastination humor! Enjoy!

Click here for a full-size view of Sylvia Liu's flowchart... and you can find many more delights at her blog: SylviaLiuLand.

And here is a great comic from twentypixels: A Field Guide to Procrastinators - click here for full-size image, and here is a link to more 20pixels comics.I created an animated GIF that goes through the items one by one:

And here is the poster:

Finally, here is a cartoon by one of my favorite cartoonists, Dan Piraro a.k.a. Bizarro: