Tuesday, November 6

Today is Tuesday of WEEK 12 of the class, and I've re-arranged the Quiz area in Desire2Learn so Week 12 is on top. For those of you in Indian Epics, that means continuing with Buck's version of the Mahabharata (including the great legend of Nala and Damayanti), while it's a choice between fairy tales and ballads in Myth-Folklore. If you have not turned in your Week 11 Storybook assignment yet, you may still do that for partial credit.

Counting this week, there are FOUR WEEKS of class remaining (Weeks 12-13-14-15), which means 120 points of regular assignments,
plus extra credit. That assumes you have not been working ahead; if you have been working ahead, you can look at the Gradebook to see just how many available points you can still earn in these last weeks of class. When you finish up with the class I record a "FINAL GRADE" in the D2L Gradebook so you can be sure you are done. So, just let me know when you have completed the number of points you need: 410 for an A, 360 for a B, 320 for a C. It's entirely up to you what grade you want to finish with in the class.

Storybook Stack
. As usual on Tuesday, I am making my way through the big stack of Storybooks turned in over the weekend. If you turned something in on Saturday, you should have comments back from me already. If you turned something on Sunday or on Monday, it is probably still in the stack. If you want to check and make sure your assignment is in the stack, you can see the contents of the stack here.

Overview of Week 12 and Week 13 Internet assignments. (repeat announcement) Week 12 will begin tomorrow, on Tuesday, and you will be commenting on other people's Storybooks. Then, for the Week 13 Internet assignment (available a week from Tuesday, on November 13), you will be nominating your personal favorite Storybooks for the semester. After you turn in your nominations, I'll set up a ballot so everybody can vote for the best Storybooks - it's not for a grade or anything; it's just for fun, and it gives the folks who have done really excellent work on their Storybooks a chance to get some well earned recognition.

Technology Tuesday. Many of you are busy doing research papers in your other classes, and I wanted to call your attention to a great Tech Tip - the OU Library Custom Homepage. This is a service provided by the OU Library that lets you add databases and other resources you use frequently to your Library homepage, so you have instant access to those resources when you log in. It could be very handy if you are making a lot of use of the Library website in these last weeks of the semester!

Tuesday Events on Campus
. There will be a Master Class with opera mezzo-soprano Marilyn Horne from 7PM-9PM in the Pitman Recital Hall in Catlett (time/location/details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

ELECTION DAY. I hope everybody will go vote today if you have not voted already. The first presidential election I was eligible to vote in was the Reagan-Mondale contest in 1984 when I was a college student. If you are interested in an overview of Obama and Romney's policies regarding higher education, there is a detailed article here in Inside Higher Ed. Even if you have already made up your mind about who to vote for, you might enjoy reading the article to see some of the issues that are ahead for higher education in the coming years. Most important of all: GO VOTE.