Week 7 UnTextbook Report

Here is a report on the UnTextbook reading selections people made in Week 7 of the class, with people choosing between the Asian and African units.

First, here are the number of ratings and the average of those ratings — with so few ratings, though, I wouldn't make too much of the averages, but over time this is going to be incredibly helpful to me as I learn more about which units are proving more successful, which units need improvement, etc. So, 5 is "excellent," 4 is "very good," 3 is "good," 2 is "okay," 1 is "did not enjoy."

Asian units: 52 total

4.6 (9 ratings)Tibet
4.3 (3 ratings)Japan (Ozaki)
4.2 (6 ratings)Japan (Lang)
4.2 (5 ratings)Laos
4.1 (8 ratings)Monkey King
4.0 (3 ratings)Filipino
3.9 (8 ratings)Japanese Mythology
3.7 (10 ratings)Chinese Fairy Tales

African units: 39 total

5.0 (1 rating)Jamaica
4.5 (8 ratings)Brer Rabbit
4.5 (2 ratings)Brer Rabbit II
4.4 (5 ratings)Africa (Lang)
4.0 (7 ratings)West Africa
3.7 (7 ratings)Congo
3.5 (4 ratings)South Africa
3.4 (5 ratings)Nigeria

Below are some responses to the comments people made, and I am SO GRATEFUL for all this feedback. Because the comments you make in the Google Form are anonymous, I cannot reply to people individually, and I'm thinking these replies might be of general interest anyway — and you might want to check out my replies to previous comments too. There were not a lot of new types of comments different from last week's comments, but here is what I found:

LibriVox Audio. I am so glad there are people enjoying the audio! The way that LibriVox works is that the books are recorded by teams of volunteers. If you would like to contribute some readings to LibriVox, you can find out how that works at their very friendly website: Volunteer for LibriVox.

Africa (Lang). I need to provide some notes to the Makoma story and also to the Jackal stories.

Chinese Fairy Tales. I should make it a priority to add some notes to this unit for next time!

South African. I should also add notes to this unit for next semester!