Week 9 UnTextbook Report

Here is a report on the UnTextbook reading selections people made in Week 9 of the class, the first of the two weeks for Native American traditions.

First, here are the number of ratings and the average of those ratings — with so few ratings, though, I wouldn't make too much of the averages, but over time this is going to be incredibly helpful to me as I learn more about which units are proving more successful, which units need improvement, etc. So, 5 is "excellent," 4 is "very good," 3 is "good," 2 is "okay," 1 is "did not enjoy."

Native American units: 45 total

5.0 (1 rating)Blackfoot
5.0 (1 rating)British North America
5.0 (1 rating)Great Plains
4.7 (3 ratings)Alaska
4.5 (2 ratings)Mississippi/Lakes
4.3 (7 ratings)Tejas
4.1 (9 ratings)Native Am. Heroes
4.0 (4 ratings)Am. Indian Fairy Tales
4.0 (1 rating)Southwest/CA
3.5 (4 ratings)Cherokee
3.3 (6 ratings)Eskimo
3.0 (1 rating)Apache
3.0 (1 rating)Pacific Northwest
2.3 (3 ratings)Native Am. Marriage
2.0 (1 rating)Sioux

I was also curious and went through the modules so far; the overall ratings are very close, which is good to see. Pretty much everything is hovering right around 4.0!

4.2 (61 ratings) Week 2: Greco-Roman
4.3 (35 ratings) Week 3: Biblical
4.1 (63 ratings) Week 4: Middle Eastern
4.2 (29 ratings) Week 5: Indian
4.1 (52 ratings) Week 6: Asian
4.0 (39 ratings) Week 7: African
3.9 (45 ratings) Week 9: Native American

Below are some responses to the comments people made, and I am SO GRATEFUL for all this feedback. Because the comments you make in the Google Form are anonymous, I cannot reply to people individually, and I'm thinking these replies might be of general interest anyway — and you might want to check out my replies to previous comments too. There were not a lot of new types of comments different from last week's comments, but here is what I found:

Cherokee. I need to add notes to this unit, especially for the stories in the second half.

Eskimo. I should add some more notes here, especially for stories with surprising/weird plots.

Sioux. There are notes for this unit, but the one person who chose the unit was disappointed. It is one of my personal favorites, so I will go back through the notes and see what I can do to improve them!

Southwest/California. Someone suggested to reorganize the stories. I followed the order that is used in Judson's book, but I will see if there might be a better way to organize them.