Special Announcement: updated Monday, March 2

It's Monday morning, and I just got back home; I've updated the announcements below. Thanks again to all of you for your patience during the past ten days! Week 8 is a review week, so that should be a good chance for all of us to get re-organized and re-energized for the second half of the semester.

* Week 8: Review Week. There is no new reading or storytelling this time; instead, it's a chance to you to look back over the semester so far and see how it is going, and also to give me some feedback about how I can improve the class. Thank you in advance for your observations and suggestions!

* Week 9 Reading and beyond. Weeks 9-14 are reading weeks (with another review week again in Week 15), so for those of you who are working ahead, you can just go-go-go. All the readings are ready and waiting for you!

* Project Stack. I'm almost done with all the Week 6 assignments in the stack, and then I will move on to the Week 7 and other assignments people have turned in ahead of schedule. The stack is updated: contents of the stack, and I've also updated the "Progress" item in the D2L Gradebook so you can see if your next assignment is due for Week 7 (i.e. now), Week 8, or even later.

* Week 8 Project Commenting. As usual, the Project Commenting assignment will be ready for you on Tuesday, and starting this week there will also be an extra credit Project Commenting option if you want to explore some more Storybooks and Portfolios (including those in the other class if you are curious). I'll have more to say about that in tomorrow's announcements.

* Reminder Emails. I sent out a reminder email this morning, Monday, and I'll get back on the reminder email schedule again this week.

* Announcements. The regular daily announcements will resume on Tuesday!