Wednesday, April 1

Today is Wednesday of WEEK 11. Wednesday morning, until noon, is the grace period if you did not finish the Reading Diary that was due on Tuesday — and if you missed them yesterday, here's a link to Tuesday's announcements. The Project commenting assignment is available now too!

Class Procedures and Reminders

Project Stack. There are still LOTS of Storybook assignments in the stack as I was out of the office most of the day (see next item). If you turned something before noon on Sunday, you should have comments back from me already. If you turned something in on Sunday afternoon or later, it is probably still in the stack waiting for me to get to it. If you want to check to make sure your assignment is in the stack, you can see the contents of the stack here.

My schedule. I needed some extra stitches after wisdom tooth adventure (ouch!), which means I'll have to make a couple of return trips to the dentist to get that checked. Thank you for your patience as I work my way through the assignment stack; I still should be able to finish up by Friday (I hope!).

The following items are for fun and exploration:

School Humor: The Dog Ate My Homework. "The dog at my homework" is one of the great education cliches of all time, so of course I loved this meme:

Indian Words in English: Today's Indian word in English is SERENDIPITY, from "Serendip," an old name for the island of Sri Lanka. For details, see this blog post.

Featured Storybook: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Missing River. Sherlock Holmes and his faithful companion Dr. Watson have come to India for some rest and relaxation, but when they find a murdered woman in their rented room, they have no choice but to pursue the mystery.

FREE eBook: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This blog post provides links to online editions of the book, including a free audiobook edition. Alice is one of the reading options in Myth-Folklore this week!

Words of Wisdom: Today's proverb poster is Arthur himself had but his time (an English proverb). Details at the Proverb Lab. The image is "The Last Sleep of Arthur" by Edward Burne-Jones.

Mahabharata Image: Today's Mahabharata image is Bhima and Duryodhana, fighting to the death on the battlefield.

Wednesday Event on Campus: The Sooner Bassooners will be giving a free concert at 8PM this evening in the Pitman Recital Hall in Catlett (details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

April 1: April Fool's Day Hoaxes. Happy April Fool's Day! There is a wonderful article in Wikipedia about the many famous April Fool's Day Hoaxes over the years. This year, for April Fool fun from Google, take a look at Google Maps: there's a Pac Man button in Google Maps! Here are the details, and here's a screenshot of the OU campus in Pac Man mode:

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