And at last: SPRING BREAK is here!!! I hope the information below will answer any questions you have, and I'll be back with regular announcements on Sunday, March 20.

Week 8. If you did not finish the Week 8 assignments on Friday before Spring Break, you can turn them in during break, with the usual Sunday deadline, March 20. If you are looking for the previous class announcements, here they are: Week 8 Announcements.

My Schedule. I'll be out of town for most of Spring Break with very limited access to email, but if you have a question, definitely write me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I am back online.

Working Ahead. Yes, yes, yes, please work ahead if you want to do that! You will find all the Declarations in Desire2Learn for Week 9, Week 10, and so on, the only exception being the commenting assignments where I need you to wait for people to have had a chance to publish their stories. In addition to working ahead, there are lots of extra credit assignments, and those can be useful if you need to make up some work you missed earlier in the semester.

Project Declarations. If you look in D2L, you can see your "Project Progress" at the top of the Gradebook. Please don't turn in more than on Declaration; the revisions are cumulative, so you need to turn in the Declaration and get comments back from me before going on to the next Declaration. If you want to keep on writing and adding to your project, though, you can definitely do that! Turn in just one Declaration, but work ahead as much as you want.

Project Stack. You can check to see if I have received your project here: Project Stack. I'll try to update the stack when I am online over the break, and I'll start reading and replying to the projects in the order that they are turned in. So, if you want comments right away after Spring Break, turn in your project sooner rather than later.


(image from the SpringHaiku Blog)

And for your listening pleasure...