Monday, May 30

From the Writing Blog: Magical Items for Fantasy Writers by the ever brilliant Tom Gauld. What magical items would YOU like to have...?

Indian Images. I have found so many great images to share from this Christie's catalog! I can't afford to buy any of the beautiful Indian art objects for sale by Christie's Auction House... but the catalog of the items is fun to read! There are almost 100 pages of gorgeous here: Arts of India - Christie's.

And if somebody gave me the lucky lottery ticket and I could have anything from the catalog that I want, it would be this: Krishna and the gopis, circa 1800.

And here's a Growth Mindset Cat that expresses one of the most important aspects of a growth mindset: believing that your abilities are not carved in stone:

As always, see the Online Myth India Twitter stream for more stuff, and there's also a Growth Mindset Twitter stream now too!