Sunday, May 22

Free Book: The free book I found for today is The Islands of Magic: Legends, Folk and Fairy Tales from the Azores by Elsie Spicer Eells. This one has a free audiobook at Librivox! Never heard of the Azores? You can find read about these islands at Wikipedia.

Aesop's Fables. Someone wrote and asked me for some help on an Aesop project, and that gave me an excuse to do translations of the fables he needed. It was fun! You can read the translation here: Some Aesop's Fables. Here is an illustration of the one about the two men and the king of the monkeys:

homo fallax et verax

Growth Mindset Cat. And today's growth mindset cat is ready to put in the time to practice: Effort is the path to mastery.

As always, see the Online Myth India Twitter stream for more stuff, and there's also a Growth Mindset Twitter stream now too!