Tuesday, May 17

One of the things I'll keep doing during the summer is looking online to find useful/fun materials to add to the support sites for the Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics classes. Here is some stuff that I have found already!

MythFolklore: Oz Books. Summer is a great time for fun reading, and you can find free ebooks AND free audiobooks for all 14 of Frank Baum's Oz books.

Indian Epics: Secrets of VishnuI am really excited that there will be more Devdutt Pattanaik videos for the Fall semester!

And yes, there is a new Growth Mindset Cat today! YOUR GOAL: you won't always reach it, but it's something to aim at.

It was inspired by this Bruce Lee quote:

As always, see the Online Myth India Twitter stream for more stuff, and there's also a Growth Mindset Twitter stream now too!