Monday, June 13

Free Book. There is always a lot of interest in Aesop's fables in the Myth-Folklore class, so I was glad to add this book of La Fontaine's versions of Aesop to the free book list: A Hundred Fables of La Fontaine by Percy J. Billinghurst. The illustrations are wonderful!

At Twitter, I saw an amazing illustration for the Ramayana (see below), which led me to this page: The Story of Rama: Indian Miniatures from the National Museum, New Delhi... and that brought me to this video:

a talk by Dr Chaitanya Sambrani
Australian National University, Canberra

And here's the illustration that got me started: Ravana and his court full of rakshasas.

Meanwhile, today's Growth Mindset Cat reminds us to keep on learning by asking questions: I wonder...

This particular cat was inspired by a wonderful graphic by Bryan Mathers: Wanting to Learn More.

As always, see the Online Myth India Twitter stream for more stuff, and there's also a Growth Mindset Twitter stream now too!