Sunday, June 19

I'm sure you will enjoy this new Epified video: Harry Potter Meets Hindu Mythology.

For a free book online, here's Elves and Heroes by Donald Mackenzie, which is a book of poetry inspired by Celtic myths and legends. Here, for example, is the first stanza of his poem about the banshee:

Knee-deep she waded in the pool—
  The Banshee robed in green—
She sang yon song the whole night long,
  And washed the linen clean;
The linen that would wrap the dead
  She beetled on a stone,
She stood with dripping hands, blood-red,
  Low singing all alone—
His linen robes are pure and white, For Fergus More must die to-night!

(read the book for the rest... or listen to the audio!)

Today's Growth Mindset Cat knows that exploring diversity is a great way to grow: Learn to love the diversity.

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