Monday, July 11

Yikes: I got sidetracked working on the India books for the Freebookapalooza blog and forgot to do announcements posts here... there are over 100 India books at the blog now, and I hope that will be a nice boost for both the Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics classes! Here's one of the many books I've added to the India section in the past few days: A Flowering Tree And Other Oral Tales from India by A. K. Ramanujan.

And for Indian Epics in particular, there are new videos from Epified for the Seven Secrets of Vishnu series: the story of Vishnu's avatar Vamana.

And today's growth mindset cat is an agent of change: Make things happen.

As always, see the Online Myth India Twitter stream for more stuff, and there's also a Growth Mindset Twitter stream now too!