Wednesday, February 22

Today is Wednesday of WEEK 6. If you have not written a story for this week yet, that means today is Storytelling Day. I hope you will have fun with that, and you'll find some storytelling ideas below. Here is a link to this week's assignments.

Class Procedures and Reminders

Project Stack. I've gotten through the assignments turned in by noon on Sunday, and I'll carry on with the Sunday assignments today. You can check the stack to make sure I received your assignment, and for Project Feedback this week, you will be reading Storybooks: I think you are going to be impressed!

Storytelling Style: Episodes. I know some of you are trying to figure out just how much story you can manage to tell in 1000 words, so I wanted to share this story from Taylor's Portfolio as a great example of how you can use episodes inside a story to make the most of your 1000 words. Just look at how much story Taylor is able to create with her short, focused episodes and her vivid word choices: Persephone Captures Hades. And for another take on Persephone, see the Storybook below!

OU Passwords. Today is the day: if you have not changed your OU password, you will need to go to and change your password now! There are helpful details in this OU Daily article.

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Writing. Wise words from Margaret Atwood: If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.

Style. If you're looking for a storytelling style, try Yoda Style.

Words from India. Here's a Sanskrit word that you may have heard in English: CHAKRA, meaning "circle" or "wheel" (related to the word "cycle").

Featured Storybook. This project is from the Indian Epics class: The Girls of Spring. Imagine Sita's surprise when she sees a beautiful woman in the ashoka grove of Lanka, and you will be surprised, too: it is Persephone, a famous heroine of Greek mythology.

Free Book Online: Today's free books are Hasegawa's Japaneses Fairy Tales. See the Freebookapalooza blog for links and the table of contents. Those of you who were reading Japanese fairy tales this week in Myth-Folklore will recognize some of the titles here, like Urashimataro.

Words of Wisdom: Today's saying is A sheep does not fly into the mouth of a wolf who is sleeping (a Latin proverb). Find out more at the Proverb Lab. Even wolves have to work! Here's the Latin for those of you who are Latin students: Non volat ovis in os lupi dormientis.

Video: The video for today is Beware of Zombie Nouns. Find out more at the Writing Laboratory.

Growth Mindset: Today's growth mindset cat is all about learning: I do things I do not know how to do to learn how to do them. You can find out more at the Growth Mindset blog.

Event on Campus: The Oklahoma Undergraduate India Society is meeting at 7PM in Devon Energy Center with food, music, and games (details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

February 22: Zitkala-Sa. Today marks the birthday in 1876 of the Lakota writer, Zitkala-Sa ("Red Bird"). You can read more about her life and career at Wikipedia. The University of Oklahoma Press recently published a biography of this amazing woman and writer: Red Bird, Red Power: The Life and Legacy of Zitkála-Šá. You can read her book Old Indian Legends for free online.

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