Thursday, March 26

Today is Thursday of Week 10. I hope your first week of all-online classes is going well... and it's almost Friday! Here is a link to Week 10 ... plust a link to Week 9 and also to Week 11.

Class Procedures and Reminders

Story OR Story Lab. For Week 10 you have a choice between doing a Storytelling blog post or, instead, a Story Lab post. Also, the mega-grace period means that you can also do the Week 9 Story post now if you did not get a chance to do that before Break (which seems like forever ago!). So, the Week 9 Story Declaration is still available there in Canvas, and so is the Week 10 Story/Lab Declaration.

Project Stack. I've been keeping up with people turning in their projects, so if you turn in a project assignment today, I can hopefully get comments back to you today too. As always, you can check the stack to make sure I received your assignment.

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Blog Stream. Alexis did one of the fun graphic creation Tech Tips, so here's a Ninja blessing for you:

Twitter Stream. I thought this was some wonderful Seattle street art that a friend of mine shared at Twitter:

And here's a Covid-related item from Twitter: a PSA from Uganda!

Indian Epics Today. The character is Kaliya, a deadly water snake that the young Krishna fought and defeated. More about Kaliya here.

Storybooks. Here's a Storybook from the Myth-Folklore class last year: Babylonian Tales: Book of Nabu.

Indian Music Video. It's been a while since I shared an Indian music video, so here's a lovely one from Maati Baani: Rang Rangiya. Turn on the "CC" (closed captions) while watching the video to see the subtitles.

Words. Here's a word from India that might surprise you: the word shampoo comes to English from the Hindi word champo. Find out more here.

Writing. You can see a full-sized view of the infographic here: How Does the Act of Writing Affect Your Brain?

Mindset Cats. The mindset cat knows that when you learn new things, your brain makes new connections.

Mindset Video. This is a quick video about Carol Dweck's brain research at Stanford.

March 26: Leonard Nimoy. Today marks the birthday of the actor Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the Star Trek franchise; he was born in 1931, and he left this world in 2015. Nimoy was Jewish, and the famous Vulcan salute that he invented for Spock was inspired by Jewish tradition; it has its own Wikipedia article!

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