Spring 2020: Memorial Week (Dead Week)


It is now Week 15, which I am calling Memorial Week this semester, honoring the semester and the huge effort everybody has made just to get this far!

Here is a link to Week 15 and also to Week 14 (mega-grace period). Both weeks will be available in Canvas until the end of the class on Friday. You can mix-and-match from those assignments for whatever you need in order to finish up.

Class is over this Friday at noon. For those of you who are using Week 15 assignments to complete the class, make sure you finish by Friday at noon!

I'm not posting new daily announcements now, but I will post one final set of announcements here on Friday, the last day of class.

~ ~ ~

Project stack. As always, you can check the stack to make sure I received your assignment. All the projects in the stack now are final revisions and/or projects from people who are finished with the class. I'll keep reading stories and replying today, Friday.

Finishing up. When you reach the points you need to be done with the class (410 A, 360 B, 320 C, 301 P/Pass), you can fill out the "Finished" form in Canvas to let me know you are done.

Past announcements. I'm not doing new announcements during this, but if you want to browse the announcements for previous weeks (like if you are doing the Backup/Review extra credit option), here are links you can use: Week 12Week 13 - Week 14.

Course Evals / Growth Mindset. OU's course evaluations are a great way to practice growth mindset, thinking about how you have grown in your classes, while also providing feedback to your instructors to help them keep on growing too. So, if you want to do the Eval.ou.edu course evaluations thinking about growth mindset, that works as a good growth mindset extra credit challenge. More challenges information here: Growth Mindset EC.

More about Memorial Week. Here's a link to the Memorial Week idea. Even if you haven't had a chance to do that yet, maybe you will want to do that after finals are over and you have a chance to look back on the semester and to connect with the family and friends who have helped you make it through.


And to keep things lively, here are some random videos. Reload the page for more. :-)