Sunday, October 18

Today is Sunday of Week 8, and if you have any end-of-week assignments left for this week, today is the day to get those done. Here's a link to Week 8 and also to Week 9

Class Procedures and Reminders

Project Stack. I'll be updating the stack today as more projects come in. For those of you who have a free pass for Week 8, you'll be sending me an email and then doing the Declaration. (For those of you who don't have a free pass this week, you'll get that later after adding the second story page to your project.)

Mix and match. Last week you had a chance to plan out the rest of the semester, and I wanted to make sure you know that "all points are created equal" in terms of finishing up. That means you can focus on the aspects of class that you find most useful and productive. Regular assignments and extra credit all go into the total points, so that means you can use the extra credit to replace missing assignments, and you can also use extra credit to work ahead and finish early. If you have any questions about how that works, just let me know!

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Blog stream. Some of you are working on your projects today, so I wanted to share something from a Google Site as a reminder that you can use all kinds of images on a page, including maps. For example, Courtney included a map here in her Costa Rica Storybook to make sure everybody knows where Costa Rica is located:

Twitter stream.  There's lots of Goddess art at Twitter right now because of Navratri (see below): this is Durga slaying Mahishasura, the Buffalo-Demon:

Durga close-up:

Plus monsters from PBS:

More from Adrienne Mayor (I mentioned her ancient fossils book earlier this week): Did the Amazons really exist?

And a very heartwarming video about the power of dance:

Plus a mythology TikTok via Twitter:

Storybook. And speaking of goddesses, you'll find the Greek goddesses Selene and Eos, plus their brother Helios, in this Storybook: Sky Siblings.

100-Word Stories. This is a folktale from India about celebrating the goddess Durga: Durga Puja.

Plus you'll see the goddess Durga in this PSA form India to promote helmet safety: What Gods wear before they ride.

October 18: Second Day of Navratri. Today is the second day of the Indian festival of Navratri, and today's holiday honors the Goddess in her form as Brahmacharini. You will find lots of Navratri good wishes at Twitter all this week: Shubh Navratri! Happy Navratri!

Check out the Twitter stream for information and fun stuff during the day, or click here for past announcements.