Gearing Up for Spring 2021

The course will open early
for anyone who wants a head start.

Week 0 starts on January 19, and Week 1 (official start of the semester) is January 25. So, it's now pre-Week-0, and I'm working on getting the classes all set up and ready to go for the early start on January 19. I'm going to use this post to keep track of the main things I'm working on, and I'll add a new post when the course is actually ready to go! Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the class, contact me by email:

Wednesday update. Things are going well! I'm pretty sure I'll be able to open the classes already on Friday for an early start. I've now updated the randomizer to include the Storybook projects from last semester. :-)

Tuesday update. I'm working on setting up the class roster, and I made a word cloud of the majors/minors. So, here you are (click for larger view):

~ ~ ~

I also want to share something WONDERFUL here that happened last semester: students in these classes wrote a book of microfiction; the stories are all 100 words or even shorter. The book is free online here: I was so impressed by the stories everybody contributed, and I hope we can create a book together this Spring semester also!