Tuesday, May 5

Today is Tuesday of WEEK 15 of the class.... YES: it is the last week of the class! If you have not turned in your Week 14 Storybook assignment yet, you may still do that for partial credit.

Week 15: Last week of class! Yes, this is the last week of class and there are a few things that are different about this week because it is the last week of class. There are no "Early Bird" extra credit points this week because there are no Week 16 assignments for you to turn in early. Likewise, you need to get your Week 15 Storybook assignment turned in on time - which means, at the very latest, by Monday May 11 at noon. There is no partial credit available for late Week 15 Storybook assignments. So, for those of you who have been in the habit of turning in your Storybook late, keep that in mind this week! The best thing, of course, is to turn in the Week 15 Storybook assignment early, before noon on Friday this week, so you can get the points recorded in the Gradebook before the weekend, instead of waiting until the last minute on Monday.

Storybook stack. I've been working through the assignments with a focus on those people whose Storybook assignment points will allow them to finish up the class - so if you find yourself in that situation, let me know and I'll move your assignment(s) up to the top of the stack. If you turned in your assignment on or before Monday, you should have comments back from me; if you turned something in on Monday, your assignment is probably still in the stack. You can check the contents of the stack to make sure I have received your assignment.

Indian Epics: Reselling books. For those of you in the Indian Epics class, you should have received an email from me on Monday inviting you to add your name to the list of people interested in re-selling their books to students enrolled in the Fall semester class. If this is something you would like to do and you run into any problems logging on to GoogleDocs in order to add your name to the list, just let me know!

May 5: Cinco de Mayo. In Mexico, the Cinco de Mayo holiday is not a national holiday (it is celebrated mainly in the state of Puebla, in east-central Mexico), but in other countries, especially the United States, Cinco de Mayo has become an important holiday to celebrate Hispanic cultural heritage and traditions. You can read more about the holiday in this Wikipedia article, which is also the source for this great image of a children's Cinco de Mayo parade in Minnesota: