Monday, January 24

Today is Monday, and Week 1 of the class is now over. Monday morning, until noon, is the grace period if you forgot to do any of the Week 1 assignments that were due on Friday/Saturday/Sunday. If you want to remain in the class you MUST complete all the Week 1 assignments!

Monday: Time to work ahead. You do not have any assignments due on Monday, which makes it the PERFECT chance to work ahead on the Week 2 assignments. Believe me: if you put off the assignments in this class until the day that they are due, you are going to be under a lot of stress. If you can work at your own pace just a day or two ahead of the deadlines, you will find the class much easier to manage!

Storybook stack. As always on Monday, I will have a huge bunch of assignments in the Storybook stack that were turned in over the weekend or on Monday morning. The first thing I will do on Monday morning when I get to work is to update the list of items in the Storybook stack. So, after 8 a.m. or so on Monday, you will be able to check the contents of the stack to make sure I received your assignment. I will then start reading the assignments in the order they were turned in. For those of you who are working ahead: please do NOT go on to the next Storybook assignment until you get my comments back on the earlier assignment you turned in. Instead, use your time to work ahead on other assignments; I will get the Storybook assignments returned as quickly as I can.

Myth-Folklore: Week 2 Reading. This is an announcement that applies to the Myth-Folklore course only. Each week, you have a CHOICE of two reading units. You choose only one, and you do your storytelling and essay posts based on that unit. So, in Week 2, you do Egypt OR Gilgamesh. It means you will have blank spaces in the Gradebook for the quizzes about the other unit you did not choose, but that's okay - it's just a result of the fact that Desire2Learn doesn't understand the idea of students choosing things (pretty sad that such expensive software can't wrap its mind around the idea of a choice, eh?). So remember: each week you will choose just ONE reading unit to do. For Week 2, that's Egypt OR Gilgamesh.

Google Doodle Contest. Many of you are parents with children, so perhaps you will want to help them participate in the Google Doodle contest. The fourth annual Doodle contest has just been announced; you can find out how to join the contest at the Doodle for Google website. The artwork that children have produced for this contest in previous years is absolutely marvelous! Here are some of the winning entries from last year's contest in the K-3 group: