Friday, March 11 - Sunday, March 20: SPRING BREAK

HAPPY SPRING BREAK! You have reached the end of Week 8 of the semester, which means the semester is more than half-way over - and it is time for Spring Break! The Week 8 Read and Respond assignment (blog commenting) is available now, along with the other end-of-week assignments for Week 8.

SPRING BREAK. For Spring Break, you will have the entire week off. I would encourage everybody to finish up the final Week 8 assignments on Friday, March 11, so you can have 9 days off (whoo-hoo, from March 12-March 20) - but if you want to wait and finish up Week 8 on the weekend after Spring Break, you can do that, too. The grace period for wrapping up Week 8 will be on Monday morning, March 21, after Spring Break.

Storybook Stack. If you turn in a Storybook before noon on Friday March 11, I will get comments back to you on Friday before Spring Break. During Spring Break, I won't be reading any Storybook assignments, but I will periodically update the contents of the stack.

My Spring Break. Yes, I will be taking a break for Spring Break also! If you are curious, here is the project I am working on: Anecdota Latina. I won't be doing any Storybook grading over the Spring Break, but I will be updating the stack periodically (see previous announcement) and I will be checking email, but not very often. If you do have a question or run into a problem, though, let me know and I will get back to you when I check my email.

Working ahead on your Storybook. If you want to work ahead on your Storybook, please do so! You can actually write the second and third and fourth stories over Spring Break if you want, and have them all lined up and ready to go. Your second story is due during Week 8, with the third story in Week 10, and then the fourth and final story in Week 12 - but you can write all your stories now if you want; several people have already finished their Storybooks, in fact. Especially for those of you who want to finish up the class early, getting ahead on your Storybook project is one of the best ways to do that. :-)