Wednesday, January 11

School does not start officially until Tuesday, January 17, but if you would like to start this online class early, it is ready to go! All the information you need about the Week 1 Orientation assignments can be found at the course website - MLLL-3043 Myth-Folklore OR MLLL-4993 Indian Epics. Just click on the Week 1 Orientation link at your course website, and you'll find what you need to get started!

Even though there are no class meetings for this online course, you do have assignments that are DUE already on the first day of classes, January 17 - so if you can complete those assignments before the deadline, that will give you one less thing to worry about when your regular classroom-based classes get started.

Wednesday Update: I'm still adding some material and getting ready for the official start of the new semester. For those of you who have been working ahead, here are some changes you might have noticed this week:
  • Word Counter. I've added a "word counter" to the right-hand sidebar of the Ning; I was thinking that might be helpful for checking the word count if you are not doing that in GoogleDocs beforehand. Let me know how that goes; I tested it on my computer (which is a Mac), and I hope it will work also work for those of you using Windows computers also.
  • Tech Tips. I've added a few new Tech Tip options; you'll see they have a "new" icon next to them. I may or may not have time to add a few more new Tech Tips by the end of the week. I have a few more I really wanted to add this semester, so hopefully I will have time to do that.
  • Blog Posts. I'm reading and replying to people's Introductions at the Ning; I may or may not have time to read and reply to your stories also - but if I don't leave a comment on your story, don't worry: you'll be getting comments back from other students at the end of next week, after everybody has had a chance to do those blog assignments.
  • The Proofreading Stack. For those of you who have turned in the proofreading assignment for Week, I've put those in the stack - you can see that here - and I'll be reading and replying to those in batches, so you may have to wait a day or so before you get a reply from me. I post the stack list online so you can know I do have your assignment. (For those of you already working on Storybook assignments, they will go in the stack also.)
I'll update this announcement again on Friday with any important new information. Thanks to those of you getting started early, and I hope you are enjoying the class! If you have any questions, just let me know.