Resource: Good Writing is Rewriting! Learning to Revise

The Walden University Writing Center blog has all kinds of nice resources online, and one post I wanted to share from their blog is this one: Good Writing is Rewriting! Learning to Revise.

As you can guess from the structure of this class, I really believe in revision. If something is really worth writing, then it is really worth... revising! And revising again! Unfortunately, though, there is usually very little time for revision in college classes after the freshman comp class sequence.

The specific tips provided here are:

Adjust your expectations. (i.e. ALL writing benefits from revision; it's a natural part of the process, not a mark of failure or some kind of punishment.)

Make it part of your schedule.

Go big or go home. (i.e. Sometimes making BIG changes are required when you revise, so don't be afraid if that turns out to be the case.)

Practice giving feedback.

Read your work aloud.

There are detailed comments for each of those items, along with some very useful comments about revision in general. Especially if you are not someone who has done a lot of writing revision in the past, I would strongly recommend you take a few minutes to read the article! As you can see, the tips they list here are very much the same ideas that guide the revision process in this class: Good Writing is Rewriting! Learning to Revise.