Resource: Top 10 Things I've Learned at Work

I really enjoyed this post at Top 10 Things I've Learned at Work by Geoffrey James

There are a lot of "life wisdom" lists out there, of course, but the items on this list in particular really ring true for me, so I decided to share it here. I've copied the list items below; see the original article for some more detailed blurbs about each item.

1. You can do anything, but you can't do everything.

2. You can't argue somebody out of a belief.

3. Pressure creates resistance.

4. All you can change are your thoughts and actions.

5. You never know what other people are thinking.

6. You live up (or down) to your expectations.

7. The "good old days" weren't all that good.

8. Great product ideas are a dime a dozen.

9. Nobody has a monopoly on truth.

10. All you need is love.

The one that I connect with most of all is "all you can change are your thoughts and actions." That's something I have to remember when I get frustrated with something (and hey, like everybody, there are plenty of things that frustrate me!) - if I want to get through my frustration, I need to look for a change I can make in my own thoughts and actions. Otherwise, I am probably just going to get even more frustrated by trying to force someone or something to change, when - duh! - they no doubt have all kinds of reasons for being the way that they are.

~ ~ ~

And on the subject of change, here's one of my favorite academic jokes:

Question: How many professors does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer: What do you mean...... CHANGE???!?!?!

Image by JJay at Flickr.