Tuesday, January 29

Today is Tuesday of WEEK 3 of the class, and I've re-arranged the Quiz area in Desire2Learn so Week 3 is on top. In Indian Epics, this week you will be finishing up Narayan's Ramayana. In Myth-Folklore, it's the Hebrew Bible, with a choice between the stories of Noah and Babel, or the stories of Samson and Daniel. If you have not turned in your Week 2 Storybook assignment yet, you may still do that for partial credit. (See note about that below.)

Storybook Stack. I'm still working my way through the HUGE stack of Storybook assignments that people have turned in. If you turned in an assignment on Saturday, you should have comments back from me now. If you turned something in on Sunday or on Monday, it is probably still in the stack, waiting for me to get to it. If you want to check to make sure your assignment is in the stack, you can see the contents of the stack here. I read the assignments in the order that they are turned in, so the later you turn in the assignment, the longer you'll need to wait to get the comments back. It usually takes me all week to get comments back on all the Storybook assignments people have turned in! So, please wait for my comments before going on to the next Storybook assignment - and to get comments sooner, turn in your assignment on Saturday rather than Sunday or Monday.

Late Storybooks. (repeat announcement) Each week, the Storybook assignment is the only assignment that can be turned in late for partial credit. Since I cannot get all the Storybooks graded and returned immediately, you can turn in the Storybook late for partial credit. If you want full credit (10 points) you must turn the Storybook in on time, that is, over the weekend or before noon on Monday. If you turn it in late, you can receive partial credit, as follows: turn it in on Monday after noon and you can receive up to 8 points; on Tuesday, you can receive up to 7 points; on Wednesday you can receive up to 6 points. If you turn the Storybook assignment in on Thursday before noon, you can receive up to 5 points. No late Storybook assignments will be accepted after noon on Thursday.

Google Sites websites. By the end of the week, I promise to get back to everybody about the Week 2 Internet assignments they turned in (practice Google Site website) - but in the meantime, you don't need to wait on my reply before you go on to the Week 3 Internet assignment, and if you run into any snags or questions about Google Sites, just send me an email and I'll be sure to get back to you!

Tuesday Events on Campus. Through this Friday, you can visit the Processing Translation, A New Media Collective Exhibition in the Lightwell Gallery, 520 Parrington Oval (time/location/details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

January 29: Edward Lear. Today marks the death in the year 1888 of the English illustrator and poet, Edward Lear (he was born in 1812). You can read more about Lear's life and work in this Wikipedia article. He is most famous for his limericks and nonsense verse - especially the poem entitled The Owl and the Pussycat. You can listen to the poem at this Tales of Curiosity video: