Tuesday, September 22

Today is Tuesday of WEEK 5, and I've re-arranged the Declarations area in D2L so the new week is on top. Tuesday morning, until noon, is the grace period if you did not finish the Reading Diary that was due on Monday.

Class Procedures and Reminders

Project Stack. I'm still working my way through the HUGE stack of Project assignments that people have turned in over the weekend: contents of the stack. If you turned in your assignment on Friday or on Saturday before 5PM, you should have comments back from me. If you turned in something on Saturday evening, Sunday, or Monday, it is probably still in the stack.

Project Lists. In addition to keeping a list of assignments in the stack, I've updated the Project lists for both classes: Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics. Please check to make sure that I've listed you correctly! If there is something I should change, let me know. It is really exciting to see all those Projects taking shape after just a few weeks of class. Thank you for all your good work on that!

The following items are for fun and exploration:

The Things I Discovered. If you have seen the Ken Burns documentary The Civil War, you surely remember Shelby Foote, and I really like this quote from him: "I can't begin to tell you the things I discovered while I was looking for something else."

Mythology Words in English: Today's mythology word in English is TUESDAY, which is from the name of the Germanic god of war, Tiw. For details, see this blog post.

Featured Storybook: Luminescent: Supernatural Creature Laboratory. Have you heard of The Island of Doctor Moreau? In this modern Moreau story, weird creatures — including an Egungun from Africa and the Headless Horseman of American legend — have been collected and caged for scientific study. But what happens if the creatures break out of their cages?

Free Book Online: Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindustan by Toru Dutt. This blog post provides additional information about the stories in this book, which includes tales of Lakshmana and of Sita, and other heroes and heroines of the Indian tradition.

India Comic Book: Karna: Brave, Generous, Ill-Fated Prince. This blog post provides a detailed reading guide for this comic book on Reserve in Bizzell. Karna is probably my favorite character from the Mahabharata!

Words of Wisdom: Today's proverb poster is Beware the tiger who offers you a golden bracelet (a proverb from India). Details at the Proverb Lab. Like the proverb yesterday, this also comes from the ancient Sanskrit Hitopadesha.

Today's Video: Devi's Secret. This is another video from Devdutt Pattanaik's "Secrets from Hindu Calendar Art."

Growth Mindset: Today's growth mindset cat learns from mistakes: Errors are portals of discovery.. Details at the blog.

Event on Campus: As part of the Oklahoma Creativity Festival, there will be a PAINT FRENZY at Walker-Adams Mall from 5PM - 7PM (details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

September 22/23: Yom Kippur. At sunset tonight the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, the "Day of Atonement," begins, lasting until nightfall on Wednesday, September 23. Yom Kippur is the last day of the holidays marking the Ten Days of Repentance which began on New Year's Day, or Rosh Hashanah. You can read more about Yom Kippur in this detailed Wikipedia article, which is also the source for the image shown below: Jews Praying in the Synagogue on Yom Kippur, a painting by Maurycy Gottlieb (1878).

Note: You can page back through the older blog posts to see any announcements you might have missed, and you can check out the Twitter stream for information and fun stuff during the day.