Friday, December 4

HAPPY FRIDAY! You have reached the end of Week 14... and it's just one week until the end of the semester next Friday! The blog commenting assignments for Week 14 AND Week 15 are available now, and Friday morning, until noon, is the grace period for Myth-Folklore if you did not finish the Thursday assignment.

Class Procedures and Reminders

Project Stack. I'm still working on the projects that were turned in on Monday and later this week. I should be able to get through the stack today, replying to anything turned in before Friday. You can check the stack to make sure I received your assignment. If I have time, I'll try to get to anything people turn in today too!

Blog Commenting. The blog commenting groups for both Week 14 and Week 15 are available now, so there's no need to wait. The sooner you can complete the assignments you need to finish up the class, the better. You can make next week a dead week in this class by finishing everything this weekend!

Week 15 Schedule. The Week 15 schedule is compressed because of finals week, with all assignments due by Friday, December 11, at noon. That means this weekend is the last weekend to do work for this class, and if you are turning in a Week 14 Project assignment, make sure you do that on time. There can be no late Week 14 project assignments: in order to turn in the Week 15 Project assignment by Friday, you need to get Week 14 turned in on time (this weekend or Monday morning) so that I can get comments back to you promptly. I hope that makes sense; if you have questions about any of that, let me know!

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Google Search... for cats. I am amazed at how often Google can guess what I am searching for... and Google Search is not just for humans:

Mythology Words in English: Today's mythology word in English is MERCURIAL, from the name of the Roman god Mercury. For details, see this blog post.

Featured Storybook: Norse Giant Perspectives. The giants are often the foes of the Norse gods such as Odin and Thor; in this Storybook you get to hear the stories told from the giants' point of view, with the giants as heroes of course.

Free Book Online: Tales from the Lands of Nuts and Grapes — Spanish and Portuguese Folklore by Charles Sellers. This blog post provides additional information about the stories in this book. This one might be of special interest to any of you who have traveled to Spain!

India Comic Book: Surya: How the Sun God Was Tamed. This blog post provides additional information about the comic book which is on Reserve in Bizzell Library. It tells the dramatic story of Surya's complicated family life!

Words of Wisdom: Today's proverb poster is Not my monkeys, not my circus (a Polish proverb). Details at the Proverb Lab. This Polish proverb has become very popular on the English-language Internet! The Polish saying is: Nie moje małpy, nie mój cyrk.

Today's Video: Nee Nenaindal. Here is Shankar Tucker with the sisters Vidya and Vandana performing Nee Nenaindal, a song in praise of the goddess Lakshmi:

Growth Mindset: Today's growth mindset cat knows that... Some effort will be required. Details at the blog.

Event on Campus: Travel the Seven Levels of the Candy Cane Forest in Beaird Lounge from 7PM to 9PM with a free waffle bar, hot chocolate bar, and a showing of Elf (details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

Note: You can page back through the older blog posts to see any announcements you might have missed, and you can check out the Twitter stream for information and fun stuff during the day.