Monday, March 7

Today is Monday. Week 7 is now over... and Week 8 has begun. Monday morning, until noon, is the grace period if you did not finish the final Week 7 assignments. Week 8 is a review week, and I hope you will enjoy the change of pace!

Class Procedures and Reminders

Project stack. As always on Monday, I will have a huge bunch of assignments in the Project stack that were turned in over the weekend or on Monday morning. The first thing I will do on Monday morning when I get to work is to update the list of items in the stack. Then, you will be able to check the contents of the stack to make sure I received your assignment.

Fall Enrollment. Enrollment will be starting soon for Fall classes, and the online classes fill up really quickly. If any of you would like to enroll in MLLL-3043 Myth-Folklore or MLLL-4993 Indian Epics for this Fall, please let me know before Spring Break, and I will save you a place. Likewise, if you have a friend who would like to take the class, have them contact me know. I can always save a place if someone contacts me early enough.

Week 8 Assignments. Week 8 is a review week! So, there is no new reading in Week 8, and instead there are just some review activities. Because Spring Break is next week, Week 8 is spread out (it lasts from today until March 20: calendar), but I would encourage everybody to finish up all the Week 8 assignments before this Friday. Since the review assignments will take less time than the usual reading and storytelling assignments, this week is a great chance to get out in front of the deadlines.

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Dear John. Another example of how punctuation really does matter!

Indian Words in English: Today's word from India in English is JULEP, which is the same word you see in the delicious Indian sweet called gulab jamun... the origin of the word is Persian gul-ab, "rose-water." For details, see this blog post.

Featured Storybook: Onboard the Spaceship Pushpaka. The spaceship Pushpaka is visiting a solar system where each planet has its own special connection to one of Vishnu's avatars back in the ancient days of the far away planet Earth.

Free Book Online: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. This blog post provides additional information about the book. If you have only seen the movie, you really should read the book: in the book, Oz is REAL, not just a dream!

India Featured Book: Karna, The Unsung Hero of the Mahabharata by Umesh Kotru and Ashutosh Zutshi. This blog post provides additional information about this reading option for Indian Epics. It is a super-cheap Kindle book, and you can read it on any computing device, including in your web browser.

Words of Wisdom: Today's proverb poster is Every hour has its end (a saying of Sir Walter Scott). Details at the Proverb Lab. It's just that some hours do seem longer than others!

Today's Video: Write With Us. This is a video from our own Writing Center!

Growth Mindset: Today's growth mindset cat is making a big effort, and: Effort ignites ability
and turns it into accomplishment. Details at the blog.

Event on Campus: At 4:30PM there will be a lecture by James Peters: St. Augustine: Patron Saint of the Environment? The lecture will be held in the HCLC Community Room in Bizzell (details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

March 7: Maha Shivaratri. Today celebrates the marriage of the god Shiva and his consort, the goddess Parvati. You can read more about this holiday at Wikipedia, which is also the source for this image of Shiva from the Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple.

Note: You can page back through the older blog posts to see any announcements you might have missed, and you can check out the Twitter stream for information and fun stuff during the day.