Thursday, September 22

Today is Thursday of WEEK 5. There is nothing due today, which makes it the perfect day to get ahead and/or do some extra credit. Here is a link to this week's assignments.

Update: The Week 5 blog comment groups are ready now! :-)

Class Procedures and Reminders

Declarations. I know many of you are really busy with midterms in other classes, so I wanted to remind everybody: you should only do a Declaration for a completed assignment. If you miss a deadline, it is not a big deal; that's what all the extra credit is for. And if you are not sure about something, just let me know... but do not do the Declaration until the assignment is done; the honor system of this class depends on it.

My Schedule. I'm going to be out of town Friday and over the weekend, getting back to the office at some time on Monday afternoon (assuming the airlines cooperate!). I'll finish all the Week 4 projects in the stack before I go, and I'll also finish as many of the Week 5 projects as I can. I probably won't have much email access while I am gone, so if you have questions about the Week 5 assignments, make sure to get in touch with me today so that I will be able to write you back.

Project Stack. On Wednesday, I finished replying to all the assignments that had been turned in by 8PM on Sunday. You can check the stack to make sure I received your assignment, and I'll do my best to reply to everything in the stack today.

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Keyboard Shortcuts. Another genius cartoon from Tom Gauld. Wouldn't it be great if writing worked this way?

Clauses. Some advice about writing from a cat.

Words from Mythology. It seems appropriate to honor the god Thor on his day: Thursday.

Featured Storybook. This project is from the Myth-Folklore class: The Tales of Garden Creatures. Cocoa and the other little dogs who live in the garden are at war with the pixies, trolls, and gnomes. These dogs have seen things going on in the garden that the humans do not even suspect, like when Cocoa is kidnapped by an evil, amorous gnome. Who will be brave enough to rescue her from the gnome kingdom?

Free Book Online: The Dravidian Nights Entertainments by S. M. Natesa Sastri. See the Freebookapalooza blog for links and the table of contents. I thought I would share this book today since many of you in Myth-Folklore have been reading Arabian Nights; this is a similar frametale collection of stories from southern India — hence the title: Dravidian Nights.

Words of Wisdom: Today's saying is When you want to be with the wolves, you must howl like they do (a Latin proverb). Find out more at the Proverb Lab. The Latin proverb rhymes: Consonus esto lupis, cum quibus esse cupis.

Today's Video: Banjara. This is a beautiful performance by Maati Baani and their friend, the folksinger Mooralala Marwada. Visit the YouTube page to learn more about this song, which is inspired by the wisdom of the great mystic known as Kabir:

Growth Mindset: Today's growth mindset cat is a trailblazer: Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail. You can find out more at the Growth Mindset blog.

Event on Campus: There will be a bilingual poetry reading by Marcelo Rioseco at 4:30PM in 138 Kaufman: "Walking Between Languages" (details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

September 22: Equinox. Today is the autumnal equinox, so it is the first day of Fall; you can learn more about the astronomical details at Wikipedia. In the Wiccan "Wheel of the Year" (see image below), the arrival of Fall is celebrated as the holiday of Mabon, while in the southern hemisphere, it is the corresponding spring holiday of Ostara.

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