Friday, October 28

HAPPY FRIDAY! You have reached the end of Week 10! The blog commenting assignment for this week is available now, and I hope you will have fun reading the new stories. Here is a link to the class calendar; maybe you will want to start in on the Week 11 assignments today too, especially if your goal is to finish the class early.

Class Procedures and Reminders

Project Stack. Yesterday I was able to reply to all the projects turned in on Sunday, and my goal today is to finish replying to all the Week 9 assignments; if I am not able to finish up today, I will come in to work on Saturday morning and finish up (this was a busy week for me because I was out of the office on Wednesday). You can check the stack to make sure I received your assignment.

Message from Megan. Megan from Indian Epics is working on a research project in the Psychology department on memory, and she would really like to have people help test out this survey: "The purpose of this research is to assess your memory for basic stimuli like words or faces, examine your decision making processes, and assess your cognitive processing." Here is a link to the Survey.

The following items are for fun and exploration:

Homework. This charming article from Edutopia has lots of great homework stories.

Focus. I really like this Venn diagram: Matter ^ Control.

GrammarCatz. This happy cat needs some apostrophe practice ... and here is Henri the Cat if you are curious.

Featured Storybook. This project is from the Indian Epics class: Indra. Have you ever wondered why Indra is no longer worshipped? This Storybook tells a tale of bitter rivalry among the gods, in which it is none other than Shiva and Vishnu who have conspired to deprive Indra of the devotion he knows he deserves.

Free Book Online: The Celtic Twilight by William Butler Yeats. See the Freebookapalooza blog for links and the table of contents. I wanted to share this one today because the Celtic readings are about to start in Myth-Folklore!

Words of Wisdom: Today's saying is The chariot will not move upon a single wheel (a proverb from India). Find out more at the Proverb Lab. This is a saying from the ancient Hitopadesha.

Today's Video: Unread Book. I thought this "Uptown Funk" parody would be a fun video for the weekend; here are the lyrics:

Growth Mindset: Today's growth mindset cat has gone beyond self-doubt: Trust yourself. You can find out more at the Growth Mindset blog.

Event on Campus: Come to Haunt the Bizz and decorate Halloween cookies from 6PM-8PM (details). Find out more about this and other events at the Campus Calendar online.

October 28: Erasmus. Today marks the birthday in the year 1466 of Desiderius Erasmus, one of the greatest scholars of the Renaissance. You can read about Erasmus's remarkable life and career in this Wikipedia article. Below is a famous portrait of Erasmu; along the edge of the book facing the viewer the letters read "The Labors of Heracles" in Greek (ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΟΙ ΠΟΝΟΙ = HERAKLEIOI PONOI), alluding to the mighty feats Erasmus accomplished in his life as a scholar, labors worthy of Hercules.

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