Getting ready for Spring 2018

Greetings, everybody, and I hope you are having a wonderful winter break! I'm in the process of updating the Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics classes to be ready for the Spring 2018 semester. As always, my goal is to make them available one week early for anyone who wants to get a head start. So, if all goes well, I should have both classes ready to go on Tuesday, January 9, one week before classes officially start on Tuesday, January 16.

About the classes. You can find out more by taking a look at the course syllabuses, and you can also browse the class wiki. If you have questions not answered there, contact me anytime by email: (I don't check email as often over the winter break, but I will reply as soon as I am back online.)

Class enrollment. Both classes are full at this time, and any openings will be filled from waiting lists.  You can find out more about that here: Myth/India Enrollment.

Readings. There are no books to purchase for these classes. For Myth-Folklore, all the readings are online in the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook. For Indian Epics, you can find out how the readings work here: Indian Epics Reading Options.

Class announcements. Once the semester begins on January 16, there will be new announcements here every day, and you will also see the announcements displayed in Canvas. Plus, you can subscribe by email. (You can use any email address you want; just make sure you reply to the "confirmation" subscription message — check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox.)

~ ~ ~

I'll post more here in January when I get the classes all ready to go... and meanwhile, for your listening pleasure, here is a holiday song from Pentatonix, including OU's own Kirstie Maldonado (she was a music student at OU before joining Pentatonix): Winter Wonderland/Don’t Worry; Be Happy.