Thursday, August 14: Class is available now!

I've gotten quite a few emails from students who were asking if they could get started on classes now, so I've decided to release the three online classes - World Literature, Myth-Folklore, and Indian Epics - in order to make them available starting today, Thursday August 14. Normally, I release the class one week early, which would be on Monday, August 18 - but if you are ready to start working ahead, that's great! The assignments for Week 1 of the class are now available to you if you want to get started. Working ahead is definitely the best strategy for managing this class - so if you can get started now, that's fantastic: it will make the whole semester go much more smoothly for you if you get that head start now!

I've sent an email to the OU email address for each student in each class with specific instructions on how to get started. So, check your OU email to find that email, and send me a reply as directed in the email.

If you are enrolled in the class (or think you are enrolled in the class) but did not receive an email from me, please contact me ASAP so we can figure out what happened. Email me at:

If you are enrolled in more than one class with me this semester, you will find special instructions here for Duplicate Course Assignments.

Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the class, and if you have any questions at all, let me know. Welcome back to school!!! :-)