Friday, January 16 - Sunday, January 18

SPRING SEMESTER 2009. The courses are ready to go! For those of you who want to get a head start, Week 1 and Week 2 are both available now. Please go to the website for the course(s) you are enrolled in in order to get started - just click on the link for Week 1: Orientation and you will see the first week's activities if you want to start now. Week 2 is also available!

IMPORTANT NOTE: IT Maintenance. On the third Sunday of every month, IT does maintenance on its servers. There will be a maintenance window this Sunday, January 18. This often causes service outages, which may affect email and other OU IT services. The maintenance window is in the morning, and the maintenance should be completed before noon on Sunday. For specific information and updates, see the IT Alerts page at (this is also a good page to check if you are experiencing problems with Desire2Learn, email, or other IT services).

My weekend schedule. I'll be checking email regularly on Friday, but I do not always check email regularly over the weekend. So, if you send me an email on Saturday or Sunday, you might not get a reply until Monday. If you have an urgent question, I will do my best to get back to you over the weekend - so definitely feel free to send me emails over the weekend, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can about anything that urgently needs a reply.

Storybook stack. Each week, you will be turning in a Storybook assignment to me which I will read and return to you with my comments, and I will also record the points in the Gradebook for you. This is the one assignment each week where you have to wait on your points; all the others points in the Gradebook appear automatically as you complete your quizzes and Declarations. Depending on when you turn in the Storybook assignment each week, you may have to wait to get comments back, but you can check the contents of the Storybook Stack online to see if your assignment is there. (Occasionally email does get lost, and this allows you to check to make sure your email has arrived!)

For your amusement, another cartoon from Harley Schwadron: