Sunday, August 15

I'm hoping to release the class either tonight or first thing on Monday morning for anyone who wants to get an early start! I hit an unexpected problem, a big problem, this weekend when I was checking on the old Storybooks: without warning, IT has deleted hundreds of old Storybook projects from the archives. I feel so sad about that; really, I just sat there and cried as I clicked on all the links for the projects I remembered so well and got an error message for over 200 of the old projects. Students do such wonderful work in this class and now all of a sudden those great projects have just disappeared. I am going through my Storybook Archive trying to find all the broken links and remove them; as soon as I can get that done I should be ready to release the class for anyone who wants to get a head start on the new semester!

Meanwhile, I am going to try to get IT to restore the websites. I knew they would be deleted in 2011... but what a terrible surprise it was to find out that they have already deleted hundreds of them. Maybe maybe maybe they will agree to restore them for me... fingers crossed!