Myth-Folklore UnTextbook Posts

Thanks so much for all the information and feedback in the UnTextbook posts last week! I wish I had time to reply to them all... but for now anyway what I have done is to compile all the units that people mentioned, and that way I can focus my editorial efforts on the units that are the most likely choices. I was so happy to see that almost every single reading unit got mentioned by at least somebody... and the more units that people choose to explore this semester, the better! Here are the results, listed by the different modules, from high to low; I've put in bold italics the units where I will be trying to get all the notes ready before people are using that unit (I've marked in bold the units that have notes already):

(13) Cupid and Psyche
(13) Ovid (Ovid I has notes)
(8) Iliad
(8) Odyssey
(2) Aesop (Aesop: Jacobs has notes)

(10) Bible Women
(6) Jewish Fairy Tales
(6) Saints and Animals
(6) Gospel of Mark
(4) Adam and Eve
(2) Infancy Gospels
(2) Legends of Noah
(1) Women Saints

Middle East:
(19) Ancient Egypt 
(12) Arabian Nights
(6) Persian Fairy Tales
(5) Folklore of the Holy Land
(5) Voyages of Sindbad
(3) Tales of a Parrot
(3) Turkish Fairy Tales
(0) Georgian Fairy Tales

(7) Life of Buddha
(5) Twenty-Two Goblins
(4) Indian Fairy Tales
(4) Ramayana
(3) Jataka Tales
(1) Khasi Folktales
(1) Raja Rasalu
(0) Bengal Fairy Tales
(0) Ryder's Panchatantra
(0) Santal Folktales
(0) Tales of Bidpai

(11) Japanese Mythology
(8) Chinese Fairy Tales
(7) Monkey King
(2) Filipino Folktales
(2) Japanese Fairy Tales
(2) Laotian Folktales
(2) Tibetan Folktales

(7) Brer Rabbit 
(4) Congo
(4) West African Folktales
(1) African Tales (Lang)
(1) Jamaican Anansi Tales
(1) Nigerian Folktales
(1) South African Stories

Native American:
(5) American Indian Fairy Tales
(4) Cherokee 
(4) Eskimo Folktales
(4) Tejas Legends
(4) Native American Marriage Tales
(2) Native American Hero Tales
(2) Pacific NW (Judson)
(1) Alaska (Judson)
(1) Apache Stories
(1) Blackfoot Tales
(1) California-SW (Judson)
(0) British N. America (Judson)
(0) Great Lakes/MS (Judson)
(0) Great Plains (Judson)
(0) Sioux Stories
(0) Song of Hiawatha

British Isles:
(10) Nursery Rhymes
(9) Alice in Wonderland
(8) King Arthur
(8) Celtic Fairy Tales
(7) Faerie Queene
(6) Beowulf
(6) English Fairy Tales (English Fairy Tales I has notes)
(5) Robin Hood
(4) Through the Looking-Glass
(2) Welsh Tales (Welsh Tales: Thomas has notes)
(1) Canterbury Tales
(1) Mabinogion
(0) English Aesop

(17) Brothers Grimm 
(8) Inferno
(5) Russian Folktales
(3) Decameron
(3) Hans Christian Andersen
(2) Czech Folktales
(2) Europa's Fairy Book
(2) Heptameron
(2) Italian Fairy Tales
(1) European Fairy Tales (Lang)
(1) Kalevala
(1) La Fontaine

Legite et discite.
Read and learn.