Friday, August 15

The Fall semester is almost here... classes start officially on Monday, August 18 — and I want to offer a big THANK YOU to all the students in these classes who got started early. They helped me tweak some assignments and fill in some gaps so that things go more smoothly for everybody as the semester really gets going. There are blogs up and running (over 20 of them so far!), and you'll be able to see what people have posted as you get started on your own blog.

Big changes! As I mentioned when I opened the classes earlier this week, I've made a LOT of changes to the classes this year. If there is anything confusing about the instructions, broken links, something that just doesn't "fit" somehow, please let me know. I'm guessing there might be leftover fragments from old assignments, and the new assignments may have some rough edges that need smoothing. If you notice anything like that, let me know; you can contact me easily by email (

Getting Started. If you want to get started today or this weekend, that would be great! You have assignments due next week, but online classes offer flexibility in terms of scheduling — in fact, that is one of the best things about online classes. So if you have some time this weekend to get ahead, that will allow you to stay ahead all semester long.

Getting Started. To get started, there is an Orientation Week with assignments to introduce you to the class and help you get familiar with the tools and websites you will be using for this class. You can find the Orientation Week link along with other useful links at the class websites:
Desire2Learn. You will be using Desire2Learn for recording your points in the Gradebook. So, when you log on to Desire2Learn at, you will see this class, along with links to the class website. For the first assignment in the Orientation Week, you will learn how to "declare" your points for assignments in this class so that they show up in the D2L Gradebook.

My Schedule. I try to be at work from 9-5 Monday through Friday, which means I will be quick to respond to emails and Twitter queries during that time. On the weekends, I usually do not respond to email (unless it is something urgent), but this weekend I will keep a closer eye on the email than usual so that I can answer questions that might come up as you get started with the class!

Be Brave for Education: And here's a great video from a Montessori school singing, dancing, and signing project to get you inspired for the new semester: Be Brave for Education!